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Jean Labrecque and his children

Jean was born in Dieppe on August 30, 1634. Jean and Marie, his twin sister, were baptized in St-Jacques Church.

Jean was a sailor. However, we now believe that our ancestor was not the pilot of La Vierge, a ship that came to Quebec in 1651 with 2 other ships.

Jean got a land on Île d'Orléans in 1659. It was located on the south east shore of the rivière Saint-Laurent (Saint-Lawrence River) in the parish of Saint-Laurent. It was immediately next to land of his older brother Pierre beside the Maheu river (see the land of the Labrecque ancestors).

Jean and Jeanne Baillargeon were married in Chateau-Richer on November 28, 1664. She was the daughter of Jean Baillargeon and Marguerite Guillebourday.

Jean kept his land in the Île d'Orléans but he carried on his sailing activities up to his death on July 31, 1673. He was drowned accidentally in Chicoutimi and he was burried in Tadoussac.

Jean Labrecque and Jeanne Baillargeon had three children.

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